Using Mirrors to Your Interior Design Advantage

Mirrors are one of the most under-appreciated elements in interior designs. Their reflective properties make small rooms seem larger, dark rooms seem lighter and can help one fabulous accent or furnishing pack double the punch. If you’re looking for simple ways to spruce up your interior, consider how a mirror or two can help.


6 Tricks for Decorating with Mirrors to Boost Your Interior Design Appeal

  1. Give your room a view. Have a room in your home that lacks a window, or has a window too small to give you any view? Make way for a mirror. Buy a larger mirror with an attractive frame (or re-frame a mirror you already have) and hang it on the wall. Consider placing a large potted plant, like a ficus tree or a schefflera, on the opposite wall so some greenery is reflected. By playing around with the reflection, you can fake out the eyes and enjoy the space without ever noticing the lack of windows.
  2. Let there be light. Depending on available light sources and the angle of your mirrors, a small amount of light can go a long way due to a mirror’s reflective properties. This is why solar tubes work so effectively to bring natural sunlight into an interior using only a small cylinder of reflective/refractive materials and a glass dome, but we digress. The point is, you can brighten up your space with a clever use of light sources and mirrors. Play around with different arrangements to amplify the light factor without suffering the negative effects of a harsh glare.
  3. Add a little glamour. You don’t have to use a full mirror to benefit from the power of reflections. Look for mirrored accents that add a bit of glamor, sparkle and, of course, a little burst of light. Look how these pictures come to life with mirrored frames in a way they wouldn’t with plain wood or a solid colored version. Other mirrored accents that will add a little pizzazz include candle holders, mosaic tile work, or any design pieces with metallic accents.
  4. Make the room larger. Here is one of the best known and utilized mirror tricks – use the reflection to make the room seem larger. This can be done using almost any decent sized mirror. If you’re looking for ways to do it a little differently, try placing a floor-to-ceiling mirrorbehind a dresser or cabinet. Usually mirrors hang above a furniture piece or are used as a full-length or full-sized mirror. Something special happens when the right sized mirror is placed behind the furniture, making the room feel larger and it also yields a more interesting view.
  5. Decorative mirrors for decoration’s sake. Sometimes, the mirror is just the added bonus in an already decorative piece. Such is the case with a sunburst mirror, which works in just about every type of design, or mirrors with beautiful, got-to-have-them frames. You get the benefit of an art piece combined with the positive effects of using a mirror – so it’s double the visual impact.
  6. Double the accents. Speaking of double the visual impact, a strategically placed mirror can enhance any stand-out accent you have by making it appear in double. This is common in dining rooms, in order to reflect a gorgeous light fixture or unique art piece. Just as a mirror is used to make a room feel larger, it can also be used to reflect one room back to a next, echoing beautiful color motifs or design features.

Consult with a professional designer to make the most of the mirrors in your interior design.


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