8 Different Ways to Use Wallpaper


For a while there, wallpaper took a back burner, but now we are seeing it again in full-force. Between textured wall paper and beautiful fabric options, there are a range of ways to use wall coverings to decorate your interior spaces. If you’re stuck deliberating between paint or wallpaper, we say use both!

Here are 8 ways you can use wallpaper in a room to add a little color, pattern or texture. Get creative because, really, anything goes.

  1. Traditional. Traditional wallpapering means slapping that print up on all four walls. While this approach isn’t used as often in bedrooms and living spaces – although it can be – it’s especially effective in smaller spaces, like a powder room. You can take a bold print that might be overkill in a living room and create use it as the basis for an interesting theme, accented by the vanity, sink and fixtures you select to finish the space.
  2. Accent wall. If you are itching to go bold, an accent wall is a great way to do that. However, you can also use very subtle and delicate prints or colors to make a statement. Be very careful before choosing which wall to use as an accent. Observe how the light changes in the room and select a wall – or rearrange your furnishings – so it features or highlights a furnishing, art piece, architectural feature, etc.
  3. Wallpaper a niche. Do you have a built-in china cabinet or bookcase? How about a unique niche or wall recess? Adding wallpaper to the interior surfaces of a niche can add a pop of color and visual interest without taking over a room’s design. Try to play up the items you will display there. For example, you pewter collection will look great against a backdrop that has a similar metallic accent.
  4. Just a few feet. This could be the “accent space”, rather than the accent wall. Applying wallpaper to just a few feet of wall can make a beautiful impact. Areas that come to mind include the space above your fireplace mantle, a section of wall behind a buffet in the dining room or a small area of wall space framing a lovely furniture piece.
  5. On the ceiling. I am a huge fan of including the ceiling space in your interior design. So often, the ceiling is left a blank, white canvas. Instead, use wallpaper to dress it up. You can wallpaper the entire ceiling or you can cut a complementary shape and apply it around a light fixture to help draw attention, especially if you have a unique chandelier or lighting fixtures that deserve a little extra celebration.
  6. Half-wall. Another way to use wallpaper more sparingly is to paint one half of the wall and paper the remaining half. This combination creates the opportunity to add a nice chair rail trim or moulding piece to separate the two halves.
  7. In the kitchen. We’re not used to seeing wallpaper in the kitchen these days. However, a light and open kitchen can accommodate fun prints or unique patterns that create a foundation for your design theme. The wallpaper will give you all kinds of fun colors to play with using kitchen accents.
  8. Frame it. Can’t afford that favorite work of art just yet? Find a wallpaper print you love and frame it. This technique is a great way to dress up an empty section of wall, and you don’t have to invest the time and labor involved in traditional wallpapering.

Looking to revamp your interior style with wallpaper? Schedule a consultation with a professional interior designer.


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