Making Space in the Bathroom

making-space-in-the-bathroomAre you tired of looking at your bathroom and seeing all the clutter of health and beauty products? With these six tips, you can create more storage in your bathroom and keep your space organized.

1. Free-Standing Storage

A free-standing storage unit can also be a great option. Available in any design you can imagine, this type of shelving can look aesthetically pleasing while it stores your things. For even more storage, you can get decorative boxes or baskets and keep your items hidden in them on the unit.

2. Install a Wall Cabinet

If your bathroom is short on floor space, there is a simple solution. Simply create more space with a wall cabinet. Because they do not take up any space on the floor and only hang from the wall, wall cabinets can give you a great deal more space for your products without limiting the size of your bathroom. Both installation and removal of a wall cabinet is an easy job and can be done without outside assistance.

3. Counter Space

Some bathrooms have no cabinets under the sink area. This problem can be fixed with the placement of fabric around the vanity. You can use adhesive velcro strips to attach the fabric of your choice to the sink vanity. When this privacy curtain is in place, you can keep your clutter in boxes behind the curtain and hidden from view.

4. In Plain Sight

Not all of your storage space needs to be hidden behind shelves, cabinets, or curtains. Wicker baskets are great for storage, and have the added benefit of being visually appealing. Or you could use decorative boxes in various sizes and stack them for even more storage.

5. Wall Shelving

Wall shelves take up even less space than wall cabinets, but still provide you with the same amount of storage. You can create your own by buying short crates and painting them any color of your choice. After they dry, they can be hung from the wall by adhesive hanging strips. Hang them in a way that looks pleasing, and you have created artwork that serves as storage.

If you are feeling less creative or constructive, you can buy small shelving units and place them along the walls. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs.

6. Linen Closet

Not everything needs to be stored in your bathroom. If you have a linen closet or even a closet in your bedroom, you can use this space to store extra towels and things you don’t use on a daily basis. Bath towels can take up a great deal of room, and storing them here can give you space for much more. There is no need to clutter your bathroom with things that you don’t use regularly.

With these tips, you can create enough storage to keep your things organized and hidden. All it takes is a few changes, and you will have a bathroom that you are proud to showcase.


Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Your Child

creating-the-perfect-bedroom-for-your-childDecorating a room for your young child is fun, especially if they are old enough to help make choices and get excited about it with you. Here are a few tips for creating a bedroom that your child will love to spend time in.

  • Choose a theme that reflects their interests. Even if you are doing the decorating, your child’s room should reflect his or her unique interests. Pick a theme they’ll love, and then look for furniture, wall art, and accessories that will support it.
  • Brighten the room. Young kids love bright colors, so choose a couple to go with the room’s theme. Not everything in the room should be these colors, as you will want to vary them to create visual interest, but you can still use color as a way to tie everything together. Also make sure the room is well lit, as even bright colors can seem dingy if the lighting isn’t adequate.
  • Leave space to play. You want your children’s rooms to be somewhere they will want to play, so make sure there is enough open space to allow them to explore where their imaginations will take them. Whether they are laying train tracks or building a village for their dolls, kids love having enough room to play.
  • Make it comfortable. Encourage quiet time and foster future reading habits by making sure your kids have a comfortable nook in their rooms where they can read, nap, daydream, or even just sit and play quietly. This could be a favorite chair, a window seat, or even an arrangement of bean bags, pillows, and stuffed animals in a corner of their room. A soft area rug can also make a room look more welcoming and give them a more comfortable floor to play on.
  • Plan for organization. Set your kids up for success by planning rooms that will be easy to keep clean. Cube shelves and bins provide a place for all their toys and art supplies, while hooks give them places to hang things rather than leaving them on the floor or thrown over a chair. Be sure to also leave a few empty bins or drawers where they can keep treasured artwork and other keepsakes.
  • Let them personalize it. Once you’ve done all the planning and decorating, take a step back and let your child make it their own. Even better, help your kids personalize their rooms. For instance, you can hang bulletin boards where they can display their artwork and pin favorite photographs.
  • Create a room that will grow with your child. Kids’ tastes and interests can change frequently as they get older. Unless you want to be repainting and redecorating all the time, keep this in mind when you decorate their rooms. For instance, rather than painting the walls bright colors to match a favorite cartoon, choose a neutral color and focus your decorating efforts on wall art you can hang up now and remove when they’ve outgrown the current theme.

If you feel like things aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like them to, though, don’t stress. Plans and designs don’t always look the same in reality as they did in our heads. If a shelf doesn’t look the way you’d like, it can always be painted, moved, or replaced. Remember that kids’ rooms will change over time to reflect their changing interests and growing personality. Ultimately, it’s not you that makes the room perfect, it’s your child!