10 Items for a Modern Autumn Tablescape

10-items-for-a-modern-autumn-tablescapeFall is symbolic of warm, earthy colors and fragrant smells that remind us the holidays are near. Falling leaves in shades of umber, burnt orange, green and gold, and wonderful aromas like pumpkin, cinnamon, spice and pine reflect the warm, comfortable ambiance of fall. With a little creative effort, you can design a unique, modern centerpiece or tablescape that brings the fall season into your home. Take a look at 10 great design ideas.

White Pumpkins.  Pumpkins are a fall tradition, but they don’t have to be bright orange. White pumpkins make an elegant fall centerpiece for any interior style. For a touch of glamour, tie long, shimmering ribbons in crimson, forest green, gold or silver around the stems of the pumpkins.

Metallic Gourds.  Nothing reflects modern style better than shiny surfaces. Using various sized gourds for your tablescape, paint them in metallic hues of gold and silver. You can use natural gourds or wooden or paper gourds that you can find at most craft stores.

Chrome Containers.  Chrome is a reflective surface that always feels contemporary. Find a chrome container in a size and shape that compliments your décor. Buy three to five of them and space them evenly down the center of the table. Fill them with candles, berries, pine cones, stones or moss for decoration.

Bronze and Copper Vases.  Lovely vases are always great for a tablescape, and bronze and copper hues are perfect for fall. You can use one large vase or a series of smaller vases to anchor the centerpiece. Fill them with twigs, pine cones, greenery or beautiful, fresh fall flowers.

Wooden Trays.  The deep, warm tones of wood can create an inviting fall table. Look for wooden planters, bowls or decorative trays to enhance your dining room. Large planters and bowls can be filled with fruit and greenery. Small rectangular trays will look great with votive candles, berries or pebbles.

Mosaic Accents.  You can create a stunning table with mosaics and colored glass. You’ll find mosaic vases, tiles, trivets, coasters and decorative ornaments in beautiful rainbow colors. Mosaic tiles come in backed sheets that make a dramatic statement as a runner down the center of your table.

Mercury Glass.  Old mercury glass items like decanters, candy dishes, candle holders and vases create an elegant, sophisticated ambiance. When combined with candles, the reflective qualities of the mercury glass gives off a soft, warm glow that’s quite beautiful.

Bamboo.  For a clean, modern look, natural bamboo makes a simple, yet strong statement. For small rooms, use live, green bamboo stalks bundled in simple wooden containers. For large rooms with high ceilings, use tall stalks of dried bamboo in large hurricane vases. Anchor the bamboo with rocks, pebbles or marbles for stability.

Cattails.  Live or dried cattails make a wonderful centerpiece that adds height to the table. You can use them alone in a clear glass container, or add them to a more colorful centerpiece that contains flowers and greenery. Either way, they create a unique look for a fall table.

Feathers.  You can find exquisite feathers in a variety of sizes and colors at most craft stores. Tall pheasant, ostrich and peacock feathers look beautiful in large bronze, copper and chrome containers. For more color, tie soft, velvet ribbons in cranberry, burnt orange or gold around the containers.

There are so many great items you can use to create a beautiful table for the fall season. Just walk outside and let nature be your guide to wonderful colors, textures and organic elements all around you.


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