7 Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Snuggly for the Holidays

7-ways-to-make-your-home-warm-and-snuggly-for-the-holidayThe holidays are the time to bring snuggly warmth into the home. Bringing warmth can actually help bring family members and friends together for enjoyable bonding time. It can even help create a peaceful calming atmosphere filled with love and good vibes. If you are wondering how you can bring a feeling of warmth into your home this year the suggestions below might help.

1. Always Have Food Cooking 

The holiday time is the best times too always have something cooking. One of the best ways too constantly have your home smelling like warm comforting food is by creating crock-pot meals. As the meals slowly cook throughout the day, your home will smell warm, inviting and comforting.

2. Burn Candles 

Nothing is more snuggly warm than having candles lit all around your home in safe places. This is especially true is they are pleasant holiday scented ones such as Christmas wreath, sugar cookies, cinnamon sticks, apple pie, pumpkin spice, ginger bread cookie or Christmas Tree. Candles always seem to create a calming, yet cheerful atmosphere that makes everyone feel relaxed and happy.

3. Lie out Soft Fleece Holiday Blankets

Snuggly fleece blankets placed upon chairs and sofas can add comfort to any room during the holidays. When it’s cold outside all anyone ever wants to do is wrap up in a warm black and snuggle the day away with love ones watching some classic holiday movies.

4. Keep the Holiday Decorations Calming 

Instead of using bright colors of red and green during the holidays to decorate your home, use calming colors of blues and silvers, or warm inviting colors in shades of browns.  Maybe even bring a little nature inside as decoration instead of buying holiday décor. Pinecones, freshly cut blue spurs branches, holly berries, freshly harvested junipers and acorns used to create holiday pieces can actually bring a bit of peacefulness indoors. After all, nature is healing and comforting to the mind, body and spirit.

5. Keep the Fireplace Lit

If you have a fireplace, keep it lit throughout the holiday season. Nothing says snuggly warm like a good old fashion fire burning away in a fireplace. If you have a wood stove instead, it is still warm and snuggly to have, but fill a pot up with water, add some fresh herbs to it and let the stove create a pleasant herbal steam that will help make your home smell cozy and inviting.

6. Lay Out Holiday Rugs 

Laying out holiday rugs can create warmth and comfort into any home on the holiday. Place the rugs under the kitchen tables, sofas, chairs or wherever else you please. Rugs will also help keep the cool drafts from sneaking up through the floors during the winter season. Nothing is worse than feeling a cold breeze sneak up behind you while you are trying to enjoy a snuggly warm holiday season inside.

7. Place Snacks and Warm Beverages

Keeping a table of fresh snacks and warm beverages can make anyone want to enjoy some warm snuggly time throughout the holiday season with friends and family. Some of the best snacks to have are cookies, popcorn, chips and dip, crackers and cheeses, fresh fruits, veggie sticks and pies. Some of the best beverages that bring comfort during the holiday season are eggnog, warm spiced apple cider, freshly brewed hot coffee, steeped herbal teas and hot cocoa.

Don’t forget, keeping a home full of warm comforting snuggly goodness is a sure way to keep everyone happy, healthy, calm and cheerful throughout the holiday season.


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