Modern Colors for the Modern Nursery


Few of life’s joys compare to the thrill of preparing for a new baby. A central part is deciding how to decorate your new baby’s nursery. Fortunately, nursery design is no longer constrained by traditional colors of blue for boys and pink for girls. You can also choose from a wonderful array of modern colors, from purple and green, to orange and grey to make the nursery of your dreams.

Purple. To give your nursery a stylish and luxurious feel add deep purple.  Purple is a modern, gender neutral color that is gaining in popularity because it draws in the eye and infants seem to love it, too. You can also use pastels like lavender and lilac, which brings serenity to the nursery.

Blue. While blue is a soothing and traditional color, but modern design applications make it feel new.  For a masculine, modern take on blue ry navy or tone-on-tone to create an appealing and elegant space. Avoid blue-grey, however, it can make people and babies feel a little blue.

Red. You might hear that red is a horrible color for nurseries because it can energize people and your baby will never sleep. It is a busy color, and certainly is linked to aggression – and hunger – in children. But when used for an accent color it adds a fun energy into the nursery decor. Try one wall of red and white stripes, or a bright red rug, to add a nice pop of modern color.

Yellow. Yellow is cheerful and bright and can add warmth to your nursery. Soft yellow promotes concentration in children, and evokes a lively and energetic feel. Darker, golden yellow is best toned down with a neutral color, while bright yellow is also best used as an accent color as it can upset little children.

Orange. This modern, accent color is a cozy addition to any nursery. After blue and purple, it is a popular choice for the nursery because it can inspire social interaction. If you want to create a warm and intimate space, consider a splash of orange.

Green. Some believe that children don’t like green very much, while others believe that green promotes well-being and helps with learning by improving concentration, which makes it the perfect modern color. Light green walls, mixed with soft brown, for example, can create a gorgeous, gender neutral nursery.

Pink. Give this serene and calming color a modern take in your nursery by avoiding an all-pink design. The trend now is to use pink as an accent color or as a soft background. Like blue, it can be gender neutral when used as an accent color.  For a super modern look, go with pink and black.

Gray. This contemplative color is more common with parents because of its versatility – gray can go with any other color. It can be tricky, though: if too light it can wash out a room; too dark and the room can feel sad.

Black or White. These colors might not be your first choice but each can help to create a modern look. Black is a powerful accent color and when mixed with softer colors you can create a stunning yet relaxing nursery. Use black sparingly if the nursery does not have a lot of natural light. Avoid all white nurseries, a more modern take is to add in color since babies  need stimulation. White promotes a calm and breezy environment.


Make Your Child’s Bathroom Fun


Decorating for children is fun. They love almost anything you do, and you get to change the design again and again to suit them as they grow older. These ten ways to make your bathroom more fun for your kids are sure to bring a smile to your face, too.

1. Bright colors

Bright colors are cheerful and kid-friendly. You can go big with color by painting entire walls or choose one colorful wall design, like your child’s favorite animal. Accent colors can be incorporated, too. A purple sink, a bright red shower curtain, or green and yellow towels and rugs make the perfect, fun accent pieces.

2. Bold patterns

Kids enjoy bold patterns but be careful not to add too much to a small space, you can make the room too busy. Try a bold patterned shower curtain, a rug, and a fun mirror.

3. Make some kid-friendly upgrades

For a few dollars you can incorporate some fun design elements that the kids will love. Replace the knobs on cabinets with bright blue stars, or paint them their own stand alone towel rack. A tub faucet cover can be fun and functional, and a a kid’s size handheld shower is great for rinsing off bubbles..

4. Let the kids help put up decals

Kids love decals and can help with this inexpensive and fun project. Select theme decals like an underwater adventure. Choose from fish, dolphins, whales or turtles.

5. Personalize the space

To make it truly their own, try adding in personalized touches that will kids giggle. Create personalized towels; have the kids paint a clear shower curtain to produce their own design; or let the kids design and repaint the garbage cans or their own cabinets.

6. Hang art just for kids

When it’s not a kids-only bathroom, hang art that kids and adults will love. Look for pieces in an ocean theme, like brightly colored underwear creatures. Or find some fun frames and put up a collection of silly family photos.

7. Kids-only accessories

You can find a lot of accessories that are smart and fun that only the kids need use. Like peg boards. Peg boards are great for storage. Kids can hang towel and bathrobes on large ones; use smaller ones for toothbrushes.

8. Kids DIY design

Kids love to do things for themselves. Add a sensor so lights go on when they enter, off when they leave. Or lower the light switches so little hands can reach.

You can also replace your old faucet with sensory faucets that stream water at a safe temperature and hands-free soap dispensers in cool colors next to the sink. A cute, colorful and sturdy stool can do the job also. Buy two and keep one near the lights, the other by the sink.

9. Kids DIY remodel 

If you want to take on a larger project, remodel some parts of the bathroom so that kids can do things for themselves. Put in colorful sinks at their height, a toilet with a colorful, soft-closing seat to protect little fingers and a smaller bowl, and a child-sized tub and shower.

10. Big themes

If your child or children absolutely love one thing, why not create a theme around it for the bathroom? All you need is some imagination and accessories. Start with decals, a few rugs, a shower curtain and towels, and build from there.

These 10 ideas will cheer up your bathroom and make it more fun for your kids. Whatever design you choose, don’t forget to ask the kids what they like.