Taking Your Interiors from Winter to Spring


Sprucing up your home’s interior for spring doesn’t have to take a lot of redecorating. With just a few relatively simple changes, you can give your decor a whole new look. What’s more, these approaches can save you a lot of money over totally redecorating. Here are a few tips for changing your decor to spring quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

  • Change the curtains: Switching out your window treatments to let more light in should be one of your first orders of business. In the winter, insulating curtains are often used to keep the heat in and the cold out. In the spring, though, you’ll want to put up curtains that are lighter in both color and weight, and make the best use of the longer days and increased natural light as you possibly can. Bright or light colors and sheer fabrics make great spring and summer curtains.
  • Change the bedding: Not only do you no longer need the heavy comforter you used during the winter, you’ll probably want to put brighter colors to work on the bed, too. Put all the winter bedding in storage and bring out the spring and summer bedding. Wash whatever smells stale from being stored during the cold months.
  • Make quick changes to your color schemes: Throw pillows and blankets make an exceptionally quick way to change your color schemes, but since they are often at the focal point of a room, they are also very effective ways to invite spring into your home. Change out your thicker, warmer blankets for lighter throws. Getting throw pillows with interchangeable covers makes changing out the pillows on your couch or bed especially easy, plus it’s much easier to store folded pillow cover than it is to store an entire collection of off-season pillows.
  • Add color: While winter color schemes tend to be warmer and darker, inspiring cozy afternoons curled up on the couch in front of a roaring fire, spring color schemes usually celebrate the new growth and life that can be found everywhere during this beloved season. Pops of color, such as a brightly colored throw or a set of floral pillows, are excellent ways to evoke the explosions of color happening outdoors as well.

It’s up to you how you go about changing your decor for spring. Some people get the itch to do some serious spring cleaning, and make all the changes to the decor while they’re at it. These changes may be done quickly, while other people prefer to change a little at a time over a period of several weeks, more like the gradual changes happening around them over the course of the season. Simply choose whichever way best suits your schedule and personality, or make up a way that’s all your own. Spring is a season that is full of possibility, in your living room just as well as in the great outdoors.


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