10 Tips For Making Your Living Room Kid Friendly


Once you have kids it seems like their stuff starts to take over your living room. It doesn’t have to be like that because there’s ways to incorporate your child’s belongings into the living room’s interior design. If you’re skeptical, here’s 10 tips on how to create a family-friendly living room that’s stylish, functional, and meets the needs of everyone in the house.

  1. If you have one or more tall bookcases in the living room, designate the lower shelves to your kids, and the upper shelves to your books. Keep it simple and tasteful by only placing one to three toys on each lower shelf.
  2. Another way your living room interior design can be child friendly is by making or buying a colorful open play tent or child’s size teepee. They can easily be put in a corner, and are just big enough for a young child, and some toys. It’ll be their own special space in the living room.
  3. If you don’t want a tent or teepee, just carve out an area that’s designated as your child’s space. This can be done with their own little rug, or with a mini table and chairs. Make sure to keep a basket nearby with their favorite activities, such as books for reading, or art supplies for drawing.
  4. Children’s artwork is no longer just for the refrigerator. You can have some pieces framed and put on the walls of your living room, or you can hang them on the walls without frames.
  5. Normally, kids writing on the walls is a no-no. If there’s an open wall in the living room, you can paint it with chalkboard paint. Up top display pictures, or your child’s artwork. On the bottom half your child can draw on it with chalk.
  6. You can also make the living room kid friendly by having a durable, and soft couch. Pick something that’ll last a while, and that can withstand stains. If you do have an expensive couch, think about getting a cotton cover slip for it. You never know when your kid might spill something all over it, and washing the slip cover is easier than getting the couch cleaned.
  7. Wicker baskets are a stylish way to store toys in the living room. If you have a tall end table behind or next to the couch, just place the basket underneath it for easy access. If not, putting in a corner will also look nice.
  8. Hardwood floors are beautiful, but if you have a young child, think about getting a rug. It’ll help keep your child safe if they fall, and prevent the wood from warping if liquid spills onto it. Because spills are inevitable, you might want to get a darker colored rug.
  9. Kids are unpredictable. You never know when they’ll fall, or run into a square coffee table. Think about replacing a coffee table that has sharp edges with a soft ottoman, or a round coffee table.
  10. Children’s art supplies seem to get lost, or misplaced a lot. Now there’s a way you can incorporate crayons, and colored pencils into your living room decor. All you need is mason jars, and some paint. Paint the tops of three or four mason jars to match your living room color scheme. Then fill one jar with crayons, another with colored pencils, and another with Popsicle sticks. They will liven up your living room with color, and make great storage space for your child’s art supplies.