What to Expect When Hiring a Contractor to Renovate Your Master Bathroom


Whether you have a clear vision for your master bath project or you’re looking for suggestions, one thing you want to be sure you understand fully is the role your contractor plays in the process. Today, we’re going to lay out a few of the key points you need to consider when hiring a contractor to remodel your master bathroom so that you have peace of mind in your decision.

Choosing a contractor

You have to find a contractor you can work with, this is about more than picking someone who has their insurance up to date and has good reviews on the internet, it’s about finding a crafts person whose work you admire, and whose personality you enjoy. It is worth emphasizing the importance of getting to know your potential contractors through the bidding process so you have an idea what they are like to work with on a daily basis. Remodeling takes time, and this person will be in your household often, so choose wisely.

Know your vision

The most important thing you can do to guarantee a successful bathroom remodel is be sure you specify as many details as possible. There are bound to be issues that crop up as your project progresses, and having outlined your vision for the project from the start – from those his and hers hammered copper sinks to the seamless countertop and backsplash and the color you want on the walls and where the hook for your robe should be sited – will save time and arguments in the long run. Specify materials, make clear what is to be done with waste and who is responsible for cleaning up any debris.

Manage your expectations

Obviously, when investing in a new master bathroom, you have certain expectations about the quality of the job as well as the ultimate result. There are other aspects of remodeling work that can be unpredictable and your ability to be flexible and adapt to changes or obstacles can make the difference between you resenting the project forevermore and truly reaping the rewards of investing the time and funds to have your custom master bathroom built. So, be aware that in most projects, there are likely to be:

  • Material issues: all materials for the project should be on your site from the beginning of work on your home; while this isn’t always possible where custom items are concerned, having materials on site serves as a bit of insurance for you on the off chance that your contractor is unable to complete the job.
  • Timeline problems: whether because suppliers let the contractor down, or because there are unforeseen complications in your demolition, or something else goes awry, there are bound to be delays in your project.
  • Messes: you are going to rip out a bathroom and install a new one, so there is going to be dust, there will be bad smells, and there will be a lot of noise. Be prepared for it, and know that a good contractor will do their best to minimize the inconvenience.
  • Inconvenience: because you can’t use your master bath while it is being worked on, you need to plan accordingly. This might mean taking showers less often, bathing in another room in your home. If you feel strongly about minimizing downtime in your personal space, work with your contractor to schedule different phases of the project with that in mind.

While this isn’t a complete list by any means, we hope that this information gives you a kick start for your master bathroom renovation project.