12 Ways to Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Home Interiors


The holidays are right around the corner, so what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by adding a bit of holiday cheer to your interior design? The following are 12 holiday decor tips that will help you do just that:

  1. Holiday Lights – Holiday lights are incredibly flexible in the way you can use them. Wrap them around your holiday tree, around the staircase banister or around your doorway frames to help brighten up your holiday decor.
  2. Holiday Cards –  Instead of just stacking all of your holiday cards in a pile on your coffee table or fireplace mantle, why not use them as part of your holiday decor? Hang them from the staircase banister to immediately give your home a cheerful and inviting feel as you enter.
  3. Wreaths – Wreaths provide a natural look to your interior while also immediately recalling the holiday season. A traditional green wreath is perfect for the front door or for above the fireplace mantel – but don’t be afraid to try using a white wreath for a more unique look. Add citrus fruits to the wreath to add some more color.
  4. Glass Vase Accents – To punch up your decor a little, add a few small glass vases to your shelves and coffee tables. Place a few branches of holy in these glass vases and add a bit of color by complimenting them with a small holiday tree ornament.
  5. Candle Light – Nothing brings warmth to a home than a physical flame. Just the appearance of a lit candle can make your home feel more cozy. Put up some white, red and green candles throughout your home – just make sure that they are set in a location where they won’t present a fire hazard.
  6. Holiday Tree – Placing a holiday tree in your living room will immediately create a holiday-themed focal point that you can dress with ornaments and lights. If you want to go the non-traditional route, choose an artificial colored tree for a bolder look.
  7. Holiday Fruit Bowls – Put a green bowl on your dining table and fill it with red apples or pomegranates. Not only is this an easy way to add festive holiday colors to your decor, but it makes for a delicious and healthy snack!
  8. Holiday Ornament Display – Holiday ornaments don’t always have to be hung from somewhere. For example, fill a bowl up with green leaves and then nestle a group of silver ball ornaments inside and you’ll have a beautiful ornament display for your coffee table or even your dinner table.
  9. Suspended Ornament Display – Use ribbons to hang a group of ornaments in a cluster from the ceiling to create an ornament chandelier of sorts.
  10. Gingerbread House – Gingerbread men are a staple holiday treat, so why not get your creative juices flowing by building a gingerbread house? Get the whole family involved in making the gingerbread house and you’ll have even more pride in displaying it.
  11. Garland Framing – Garlands are a great way to add holiday cheer wherever you use them. You can go the traditional route by wrapping a garland around your fireplace mantel over around the banister of your stairway, or you can even frame the doorways in your home to help make your interior pop with holiday cheer even more.
  12. Stockings – Hang a few colorful or personalized holiday stockings from your fireplace mantel. You can also hang them from the banister of your staircase if you really like the visual warmth that they add.

Get in the mood for the holidays by using some of these 12 decor tips to add some holiday cheer to your home’s interior design.