Adding Personality To Any Room

adding-personality-to-any-roomWith the cost of purchasing a home still out of the reach of many of us, we us are likely to be renting considerably longer than previous generations.  Even if you have managed to buy, there may not be a great deal in the budget for updating your home from someone else’s taste to yours. Rentals and money pits can stay a little anonymous for longer than you’d like for those reasons alone.

Use your imagination a little, and your home won’t be the anonymous and temporary place you never really settled in. Here are seven quick ideas – some inexpensive, others not to much – to add personality to various rooms in your space, whether you own it or not:

  1. The Modern Kitchen – the heart of the home, if you’re a foodie, and if your rental or home kitchen is a bit cold and clinical, same color kitchen items can pull it together and give it a designer feel. A matching kettle and toaster, or a brightly-toned set of crockery or mugs make the room look like yours. Carry the theme through with matching tea towels, and don’t forget that vibrant fruit and vegetables can also do double duty as decorative accents in wire baskets.
  2. The Quirky Kitchen – if the kitchen is a little shabby and old-fashioned, work with it, even if it might not be your personal first style choice. Look in markets and thrift stores for 1950s kitchenalia. Mismatched can be your friend in a kitchen like this, so go for interesting ceramics and cookware rather than tying the theme together.
  3. The Bathroom – even in a home you own, the bathroom is often last to go under the DIY hammer.  You may even be dealing with that design throwback to the 1970s, the colored bathroom suite. You can’t change that, so again, work with it – towels and bath mats to match, and toning high-end handmade soaps and wicker baskets make it look as though you meant it rather than being embarrassed by it, and a string of LED lights secured around a large mirror will have visitors celebrating your style rather than pitying your outdated bathroom.
  4. The Living Room – nothing will make your main leisure space more yours than a feature wall. If you’re brave, consider textured or even metallic paints for real interest and opulence. If you’re unable to paint or drill holes in the walls, focus the interest and the eye lower with an investment rug, or large artwork resting against the walls.
  5. The Bedroom – unless you’re in a studio and doing all of your living in one room, your bedroom should be a peaceful space for sleep. Depending on your taste, head for block color sheets and pillowcases, or seek our vintage linens to give a unique feel.
  6. The Home Office – never renowned for having a personality in anyone’s home, if you spend a lot of time in your work space, make it a pleasure. Indulge in high-end materials for paperwork, and streamline your electronics as much as you can.
  7. The Hallway – this might not seem like a priority, but think about it; it’s the last thing you see before you leave the house, and it’s the first impression guests get when they visit you. Big mirrors, bright art, and tall plants all add interest, and if there’s space, an interesting piece of furniture.

If you have a distinct look, or find a particular period appealing, the right home accessories will have a tendency to find you rather than the other way around. Keep your eyes peeled, and treat your home like a work of art.