Choosing What To Hang On Your Walls

choosing-what-to-hang-on-your-wallsPeople spend majority of their days inside their home. It’s where you go to when you are sick, the weather is less than perfect to be outside, you need to rest and sleep, you eat, and have your most private moments. Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your house, you’ve probably personalized it and added your own specific touches to it with the furniture, rugs and carpets, and even dishes you’ve selected. The last finishing touch you might be grappling with now is what you should put on your walls. There isn’t a magic tool that will assist you, but the guide below should give you ideas on how you can select your wall furnishings.

Wall Size

You should take the size of your wall into consideration while you make your selection for décor. A general rule to guide you is to not let the size of a wall prevent you from adding a certain decoration. Larger walls tend to be the culprit more so than small or medium walls. The key is to understand how to approach it. Believe it or not, there are endless ways to dress up a large wall. Wallpaper is by far the most effective and versatile approach because you can select from a limitless amount of colors and patterns. Plus, if you become less than thrilled with it, it’s easy to change and often cheaper than paint. If you would rather add a piece of art or a painting, remember that a smaller painting will be less noticeable. Always try to get a piece that will be the proper proportion to the wall. Regardless of the size of your wall, never be afraid to hang a piece off-center, especially if it’s large.


Ask yourself why you wish to add something to your wall. If it’s just to make it look more appealing, then you might wish to simply paint it or add wallpaper. If you are looking to create a certain ambience, don’t be afraid to add wall sconces that are decorative and/or include light. Light reflecting off the color of a wall can set a profound mood for an entire room. If your goal is to replicate a pattern or style featured throughout the rest of your home, it might be time to get a little more personal and add your own creations. There are tons of inexpensive DIY projects that will help you decorate your wall without creating a mix-matched theme or a wall that clashes.

Your House

Many homeowners ignore the actual style of their house. An older, more historic styled house may want to consider having décor that reflects that. The same is true for houses that are rustic, modern, or contemporary. It’s also important to keep in mind whether your house is a cabin in the mountain, a beach house, or a lake house. This will help determine whether you should include certain textures and materials to decorate your walls.

When you look at your walls, your immediate reaction should be satisfaction with how they look. You don’t necessarily have to hang art or paintings from your walls, but they should not be boring or negatively awkward. You want them to convey the mood and style of the rest of the room and sometimes even the rest of the house. However, you don’t want to add so much that it takes away from what you are trying to accomplish in each particular room. Base your wall decoration choices on what your wall already looks like, its shape, its size, the purpose of adding decorations, and the rest of your house.