12 Tips For Holiday Decorating


Looking to bring holiday cheer to your home? These twelve tips will help keep it fashionable!

Don’t write off your favorites. Your favorite year-round decorations can do plenty of work when the holidays roll around—you don’t have to toss out everything in the name of the season. Think about what works with your theme, what doesn’t, and what could be tweaked or retooled.

A light touch can do a lot. As with any form of decorating, a less-is-more approach works quite well when dealing with holiday decorations. This becomes, even more, the case with bolder design choices; if it stands out, one or two is plenty. If you fill your house to the brim with pieces that could stand alone, it’s going to create a garish result.

Stay safe. If you’re going to do a big lighting project on the outside of your home, or anything similar, be as careful as possible. Falling off your roof will take all the cheer out of the holidays, no matter how impressive the result may have been. Work safe and slow, work with a partner, and plan carefully before you start.

Ornaments aren’t just for trees. Whether it’s a jar of glass balls, little pieces of ornamentation on your tablecloth, or anything in between, remember that holiday ornaments can be applied in dozens of ways beyond the obvious.

Pine sprigs and cones. One of the more versatile holiday decorating tools, leverage pine and other evergreen decorations liberally. Whether it’s a sprig, a cone, or something more, it’s all going to work the same.

Remember the mailbox. Not just the mailbox, but anything else outside that might serve to catch the eye; birdhouses and birdbaths, gates and fences, benches and walkways, all of these can add a quick splash of the holidays to your outdoor decoration with minimal effort.

Lighting isn’t just about lights. When people mention holiday decorating and lighting together, most people go straight to Christmas lights—but that’s not the whole story. You can use silver and mirrors to impact the lighting of the room for a more subdued, refined holiday appearance.

Garlands work everywhere. It’s very difficult to overdo it with a nice subdued evergreen garland. If you want something you can use to apply instant holiday impact without worrying about overdoing it, the garland is a far better choice than any alternative.

Tasty AND decorative. Nothing says holidays like a plate of thematically appropriate cookies—that they’re a tasty treat for family and guests is just an added bonus.

Build to a theme. As with any decorative endeavor, you want to build to a theme. Whether that theme is wintry and evergreen, silver and shine, or something a bit more esoteric or intriguing, the result will be the same: a lovely unified decorative vision.

Don’t forget to get personal. The holidays are about people, so don’t forget to bring out personal favorites and items with sentimental value when the season rolls around. An ugly, out-of-theme old decoration can be the perfect thing if it’s meaningful.

Decorations are meant to be seen. Think about where people will be sitting and hanging out during the holidays as you work on your home. Consider the view from the street, the view walking in the door, and the view from the living room sofa or the dining room table.

Remember, these are just a few tips to get you thinking. What really matters for holiday decorating is how you feel about the end result. If it keeps you, your friends, and your family members in the holiday spirit, it’s a success no matter what.


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