10 Ways to Create More Storage in Your Bedroom Closet

10-ways-to-create-more-storage-in-your-bedroom-closetStorage space is one of those things that never feels like you have enough of in your home, no matter how much of it you have. If you feel like this is you, though, it may be time to get better organized. Organizing your storage space better is one of the best ways to maximize what storage space you have.

Here are ten tips for creating more storage space in your bedroom closet.

Install hooks.

Having a few hooks in an easily accessible place, such as on the back of your closet door or on the wall just inside of your closet, is a good way to put bulky items or things you use frequently, such as your bathrobe, within easy reach.

Go container crazy!

Keeping things in organized containers, rather than in a jumbled mess on the floor and shelves of your closet, is the best way to maximize your storage space, not to mention it makes everything easier to find. There are many different kinds of containers to choose from: clear plastic containers so you can see what’s inside, attractive baskets and fabric bins, and compartmentalized containers to organize smaller items like jewelry.

Think vertically.

There is generally a lot of space between the top shelf of a closet and the ceiling, most of which gets wasted because people don’t use it efficiently. Use this space to stack plastic bins and boxes, or put shelf units in to help you utilize this space better.

Utilize your floor space.

The floor of many closets is wasted with nothing but a mess of shoes and a laundry basket. By utilizing organizational aids such as shoe shelves, plastic bins for storage, and baskets for accessories, you can actually make much better use of this space, and keep it tidy to boot.

Hang your accessories.

You can store accessories like belts, scarves, and purses in a bin or basket, but that takes up much more space than if you were to just hang them. You can hang shower curtain rings on your closet rod for hanging scarves and purses, or buy a hanging organizer designed for accessories.

Install shelves.

If you own your home and can make changes, you might consider installing custom shelving so that you can decide for yourself what best fits your storage needs. Even if you rent, though, you can use inexpensive shelving units, such as shoe shelves, to expand the available shelving in your closet.

Hang your shelves.

Do you have an excess of space for hanging things in your closet, but not enough shelf space? Try a fabric hanging shelf unit for storing things like towels or bins full of accessories.

Double your hanging space.

Two sets of rods for hanging clothes, one above the other, can double your hanging space. This is perfect for hanging things like shirts, skirts, and pants, but you should also have one single clothing rod on another wall for hanging longer clothing, like dresses, long coats, and suit bags.

Use available wall space.

If you have empty wall space in your closet, such as right next to the closet door, use this space by installing hooks or an organizer for jewelry or accessories.

Don’t forget the door.

The back of the door is another source of storage space that is easily forgotten. Hanging organizers here provide pockets that are perfect for storing shoes and other accessories.

Don’t feel limited by the size of your bedroom closets. Good organization can open up more storage possibilities than you even knew you had!