Making Space in Your Small Garage

making-space-in-your-small-garageClutter.  That’s what fills most people’s garages – whether it’s useful items you just don’t have room for in the home or outdoor items, everyone has had a cluttered garage at least once.  When you have a small garage, it can be difficult finding room for everything you need to store.

There’s one simple tip to help fit everything you need into your garage:  Organize.  Organizing may seem daunting, but if you get a little creative with your space, you’ll have more room in your garage to use for parking your vehicle, storing odd items, or even using as a hobby room.

Here are some easy ways to make more space – and the most of your space – in your small garage:


Shelves are one of the best ways to maximize your garage space.  By organizing vertically, you can avoid clutter while storing more items in less cubic feet horizontally.  You can build your own shelves to fit your needs, or find many suitable options at your local home goods store.

If you’re using your garage as a hobby room and think it’s too “industrial” looking for your tastes, there’s a cure for that, too.  A simple set of curtains the width and height of your shelving units can add a decorative flair.

Categorize and Organize

Use your space wisely – that means keeping like items together so that you don’t have to spread everything throughout your garage in order to find something.

The most important step of this process is to plan.  Go through all of your items, purging anything that you no longer have a use for, and organize everything you’re keeping according to category first, then size.  Next, decide what methods of storage you would like to use.

If you want a work space, keep everything you need nearby on shelves or hooks.  If you have lots of non-daily, seasonal, or special occasion household items that you keep in the garage, store them close to the door so you can bring them in when you need them.  Storing similar things in zones closest to where they will be useful will save you a lot of headaches in the long-run.

It also helps to mark your bins, storage containers, shelves, or whatever you’re using to store items in – that way you always know what goes where, and where to find things you might be looking for.

Think Up

Storing things on the ceiling is an age-old garage storage trick.  You can hang bicycles from hooks in the ceiling to save room, of course, but there are also ways (such as I-beams) to secure storage containers to the ceiling of your garage, and save yourself some room on the ground-level.

There are also ceiling-mounted storage kits you can purchase if you aren’t comfortable making your own, some of which function on a pulley-system so you can avoid getting up on that ladder.

Skip Big Tool Chests

Large tool chests can take up a lot of space and be hard to put somewhere where they’re both accessible and out of the way.  Try going for a half-sized rolling model that fits under a tool bench or desk if you’re multitasking your space in the garage, hang large or commonly used tools on the wall with hooks and cork board.

With a few of these easy DIY tips, you can have your garage looking roomy and spacious in no time.  Just remember to purge, organize, label, and store vertically, and you can’t go wrong.