12 Tips For Holiday Decorating


Looking to bring holiday cheer to your home? These twelve tips will help keep it fashionable!

Don’t write off your favorites. Your favorite year-round decorations can do plenty of work when the holidays roll around—you don’t have to toss out everything in the name of the season. Think about what works with your theme, what doesn’t, and what could be tweaked or retooled.

A light touch can do a lot. As with any form of decorating, a less-is-more approach works quite well when dealing with holiday decorations. This becomes, even more, the case with bolder design choices; if it stands out, one or two is plenty. If you fill your house to the brim with pieces that could stand alone, it’s going to create a garish result.

Stay safe. If you’re going to do a big lighting project on the outside of your home, or anything similar, be as careful as possible. Falling off your roof will take all the cheer out of the holidays, no matter how impressive the result may have been. Work safe and slow, work with a partner, and plan carefully before you start.

Ornaments aren’t just for trees. Whether it’s a jar of glass balls, little pieces of ornamentation on your tablecloth, or anything in between, remember that holiday ornaments can be applied in dozens of ways beyond the obvious.

Pine sprigs and cones. One of the more versatile holiday decorating tools, leverage pine and other evergreen decorations liberally. Whether it’s a sprig, a cone, or something more, it’s all going to work the same.

Remember the mailbox. Not just the mailbox, but anything else outside that might serve to catch the eye; birdhouses and birdbaths, gates and fences, benches and walkways, all of these can add a quick splash of the holidays to your outdoor decoration with minimal effort.

Lighting isn’t just about lights. When people mention holiday decorating and lighting together, most people go straight to Christmas lights—but that’s not the whole story. You can use silver and mirrors to impact the lighting of the room for a more subdued, refined holiday appearance.

Garlands work everywhere. It’s very difficult to overdo it with a nice subdued evergreen garland. If you want something you can use to apply instant holiday impact without worrying about overdoing it, the garland is a far better choice than any alternative.

Tasty AND decorative. Nothing says holidays like a plate of thematically appropriate cookies—that they’re a tasty treat for family and guests is just an added bonus.

Build to a theme. As with any decorative endeavor, you want to build to a theme. Whether that theme is wintry and evergreen, silver and shine, or something a bit more esoteric or intriguing, the result will be the same: a lovely unified decorative vision.

Don’t forget to get personal. The holidays are about people, so don’t forget to bring out personal favorites and items with sentimental value when the season rolls around. An ugly, out-of-theme old decoration can be the perfect thing if it’s meaningful.

Decorations are meant to be seen. Think about where people will be sitting and hanging out during the holidays as you work on your home. Consider the view from the street, the view walking in the door, and the view from the living room sofa or the dining room table.

Remember, these are just a few tips to get you thinking. What really matters for holiday decorating is how you feel about the end result. If it keeps you, your friends, and your family members in the holiday spirit, it’s a success no matter what.


The Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece

the-perfect-thanksgiving-centerpieceIt is always fun to decorate your table for Thanksgiving dinner. Why spend the money on a centerpiece when you can create your own using different items? This is your chance to show off your creativity instead of spending an arm and a leg on decorations. Use the following ideas to create the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

  • Fall Floral Arrangements: It is very easy to turn a floral arrangement into a beautiful centerpiece. Start by placing yellow, orange and red flowers inside a brown planter or basket. You can limit this centerpiece to flowers only, or you can add berries and twigs to the mix.
  • Create a Unique Theme: Create a centerpiece that stands out from the crowd by pairing metallics and whites. You can start by placing metallic candle holders down the center of the table. Place a small white pumpkin between each candle holder. Finish it off by placing a bundle of wheat or twigs inside a metallic vase in the center of the table.
  • Stick With Nature: Are you looking for a centerpiece that is perfect for Thanksgiving and the fall season in general? You can achieve this look by sticking with natural elements for your centerpiece. Start by arranging pumpkins, gourds, pears and pine cones in the center of the table. Place them on a tray or inside a basket, or simply arrange them on the table itself. You can also create a topper by placing a single pear or small pumpkin on each plate.
  • Repurpose Other Decor: You do not need to buy a ton of supplies to create your Thanksgiving centerpiece. All you have to do is find a creative way to repurpose other decor around your home. One idea is to use your candle holders as pedestals for small pumpkins or gourds. You can also fill a transparent vase with small pumpkins or pinecones. Repurposing your decor allows you to create a simple but beautiful centerpiece without breaking the bank.
  • Mix and Match: Mix different patterns and textures to find the perfect look for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. One idea is to place a piece of burlap over a metallic or glossy gold tray to create an elegant but rustic look. If you want to add another item to this centerpiece, consider topping the burlap with a few small pumpkins. You can also experiment with different colors to create a fall look, such as placing white pumpkins on a chocolate brown runner.
  • Splash of Color: You are going to need a white or neutral colored table runner for this centerpiece. Place small pumpkins and fall colored flowers down the center of the table. It creates a simple design and adds a splash of color to your decor. Are you having trouble finding a table runner for your centerpiece? The pumpkins and flowers will look great over your white or neutral tablecloth.
  • Go Big or Go Home: Use a long wooden box to create a centerpiece your guests will never forget. You can start by placing floral foam at the bottom of the box. Arrange items such as berries, pine cones and pumpkins inside the wooden box. You can even add in several long candles to create a warm glow. Finish the centerpiece by placing cedar on top of the arrangement. The best part is the box will keep your decor in one spot.

You can make your guests feel welcome by taking the time to create the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. The sky is the limit when you are coming up with your own ideas for your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

12 Ways to Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Home Interiors


The holidays are right around the corner, so what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by adding a bit of holiday cheer to your interior design? The following are 12 holiday decor tips that will help you do just that:

  1. Holiday Lights – Holiday lights are incredibly flexible in the way you can use them. Wrap them around your holiday tree, around the staircase banister or around your doorway frames to help brighten up your holiday decor.
  2. Holiday Cards –  Instead of just stacking all of your holiday cards in a pile on your coffee table or fireplace mantle, why not use them as part of your holiday decor? Hang them from the staircase banister to immediately give your home a cheerful and inviting feel as you enter.
  3. Wreaths – Wreaths provide a natural look to your interior while also immediately recalling the holiday season. A traditional green wreath is perfect for the front door or for above the fireplace mantel – but don’t be afraid to try using a white wreath for a more unique look. Add citrus fruits to the wreath to add some more color.
  4. Glass Vase Accents – To punch up your decor a little, add a few small glass vases to your shelves and coffee tables. Place a few branches of holy in these glass vases and add a bit of color by complimenting them with a small holiday tree ornament.
  5. Candle Light – Nothing brings warmth to a home than a physical flame. Just the appearance of a lit candle can make your home feel more cozy. Put up some white, red and green candles throughout your home – just make sure that they are set in a location where they won’t present a fire hazard.
  6. Holiday Tree – Placing a holiday tree in your living room will immediately create a holiday-themed focal point that you can dress with ornaments and lights. If you want to go the non-traditional route, choose an artificial colored tree for a bolder look.
  7. Holiday Fruit Bowls – Put a green bowl on your dining table and fill it with red apples or pomegranates. Not only is this an easy way to add festive holiday colors to your decor, but it makes for a delicious and healthy snack!
  8. Holiday Ornament Display – Holiday ornaments don’t always have to be hung from somewhere. For example, fill a bowl up with green leaves and then nestle a group of silver ball ornaments inside and you’ll have a beautiful ornament display for your coffee table or even your dinner table.
  9. Suspended Ornament Display – Use ribbons to hang a group of ornaments in a cluster from the ceiling to create an ornament chandelier of sorts.
  10. Gingerbread House – Gingerbread men are a staple holiday treat, so why not get your creative juices flowing by building a gingerbread house? Get the whole family involved in making the gingerbread house and you’ll have even more pride in displaying it.
  11. Garland Framing – Garlands are a great way to add holiday cheer wherever you use them. You can go the traditional route by wrapping a garland around your fireplace mantel over around the banister of your stairway, or you can even frame the doorways in your home to help make your interior pop with holiday cheer even more.
  12. Stockings – Hang a few colorful or personalized holiday stockings from your fireplace mantel. You can also hang them from the banister of your staircase if you really like the visual warmth that they add.

Get in the mood for the holidays by using some of these 12 decor tips to add some holiday cheer to your home’s interior design.

7 Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Snuggly for the Holidays

7-ways-to-make-your-home-warm-and-snuggly-for-the-holidayThe holidays are the time to bring snuggly warmth into the home. Bringing warmth can actually help bring family members and friends together for enjoyable bonding time. It can even help create a peaceful calming atmosphere filled with love and good vibes. If you are wondering how you can bring a feeling of warmth into your home this year the suggestions below might help.

1. Always Have Food Cooking 

The holiday time is the best times too always have something cooking. One of the best ways too constantly have your home smelling like warm comforting food is by creating crock-pot meals. As the meals slowly cook throughout the day, your home will smell warm, inviting and comforting.

2. Burn Candles 

Nothing is more snuggly warm than having candles lit all around your home in safe places. This is especially true is they are pleasant holiday scented ones such as Christmas wreath, sugar cookies, cinnamon sticks, apple pie, pumpkin spice, ginger bread cookie or Christmas Tree. Candles always seem to create a calming, yet cheerful atmosphere that makes everyone feel relaxed and happy.

3. Lie out Soft Fleece Holiday Blankets

Snuggly fleece blankets placed upon chairs and sofas can add comfort to any room during the holidays. When it’s cold outside all anyone ever wants to do is wrap up in a warm black and snuggle the day away with love ones watching some classic holiday movies.

4. Keep the Holiday Decorations Calming 

Instead of using bright colors of red and green during the holidays to decorate your home, use calming colors of blues and silvers, or warm inviting colors in shades of browns.  Maybe even bring a little nature inside as decoration instead of buying holiday décor. Pinecones, freshly cut blue spurs branches, holly berries, freshly harvested junipers and acorns used to create holiday pieces can actually bring a bit of peacefulness indoors. After all, nature is healing and comforting to the mind, body and spirit.

5. Keep the Fireplace Lit

If you have a fireplace, keep it lit throughout the holiday season. Nothing says snuggly warm like a good old fashion fire burning away in a fireplace. If you have a wood stove instead, it is still warm and snuggly to have, but fill a pot up with water, add some fresh herbs to it and let the stove create a pleasant herbal steam that will help make your home smell cozy and inviting.

6. Lay Out Holiday Rugs 

Laying out holiday rugs can create warmth and comfort into any home on the holiday. Place the rugs under the kitchen tables, sofas, chairs or wherever else you please. Rugs will also help keep the cool drafts from sneaking up through the floors during the winter season. Nothing is worse than feeling a cold breeze sneak up behind you while you are trying to enjoy a snuggly warm holiday season inside.

7. Place Snacks and Warm Beverages

Keeping a table of fresh snacks and warm beverages can make anyone want to enjoy some warm snuggly time throughout the holiday season with friends and family. Some of the best snacks to have are cookies, popcorn, chips and dip, crackers and cheeses, fresh fruits, veggie sticks and pies. Some of the best beverages that bring comfort during the holiday season are eggnog, warm spiced apple cider, freshly brewed hot coffee, steeped herbal teas and hot cocoa.

Don’t forget, keeping a home full of warm comforting snuggly goodness is a sure way to keep everyone happy, healthy, calm and cheerful throughout the holiday season.

10 Items for a Modern Autumn Tablescape

10-items-for-a-modern-autumn-tablescapeFall is symbolic of warm, earthy colors and fragrant smells that remind us the holidays are near. Falling leaves in shades of umber, burnt orange, green and gold, and wonderful aromas like pumpkin, cinnamon, spice and pine reflect the warm, comfortable ambiance of fall. With a little creative effort, you can design a unique, modern centerpiece or tablescape that brings the fall season into your home. Take a look at 10 great design ideas.

White Pumpkins.  Pumpkins are a fall tradition, but they don’t have to be bright orange. White pumpkins make an elegant fall centerpiece for any interior style. For a touch of glamour, tie long, shimmering ribbons in crimson, forest green, gold or silver around the stems of the pumpkins.

Metallic Gourds.  Nothing reflects modern style better than shiny surfaces. Using various sized gourds for your tablescape, paint them in metallic hues of gold and silver. You can use natural gourds or wooden or paper gourds that you can find at most craft stores.

Chrome Containers.  Chrome is a reflective surface that always feels contemporary. Find a chrome container in a size and shape that compliments your décor. Buy three to five of them and space them evenly down the center of the table. Fill them with candles, berries, pine cones, stones or moss for decoration.

Bronze and Copper Vases.  Lovely vases are always great for a tablescape, and bronze and copper hues are perfect for fall. You can use one large vase or a series of smaller vases to anchor the centerpiece. Fill them with twigs, pine cones, greenery or beautiful, fresh fall flowers.

Wooden Trays.  The deep, warm tones of wood can create an inviting fall table. Look for wooden planters, bowls or decorative trays to enhance your dining room. Large planters and bowls can be filled with fruit and greenery. Small rectangular trays will look great with votive candles, berries or pebbles.

Mosaic Accents.  You can create a stunning table with mosaics and colored glass. You’ll find mosaic vases, tiles, trivets, coasters and decorative ornaments in beautiful rainbow colors. Mosaic tiles come in backed sheets that make a dramatic statement as a runner down the center of your table.

Mercury Glass.  Old mercury glass items like decanters, candy dishes, candle holders and vases create an elegant, sophisticated ambiance. When combined with candles, the reflective qualities of the mercury glass gives off a soft, warm glow that’s quite beautiful.

Bamboo.  For a clean, modern look, natural bamboo makes a simple, yet strong statement. For small rooms, use live, green bamboo stalks bundled in simple wooden containers. For large rooms with high ceilings, use tall stalks of dried bamboo in large hurricane vases. Anchor the bamboo with rocks, pebbles or marbles for stability.

Cattails.  Live or dried cattails make a wonderful centerpiece that adds height to the table. You can use them alone in a clear glass container, or add them to a more colorful centerpiece that contains flowers and greenery. Either way, they create a unique look for a fall table.

Feathers.  You can find exquisite feathers in a variety of sizes and colors at most craft stores. Tall pheasant, ostrich and peacock feathers look beautiful in large bronze, copper and chrome containers. For more color, tie soft, velvet ribbons in cranberry, burnt orange or gold around the containers.

There are so many great items you can use to create a beautiful table for the fall season. Just walk outside and let nature be your guide to wonderful colors, textures and organic elements all around you.

Setting the Mood for Dinner

In the world of fine dining, presentation is every bit as important as ingredients, creativity, and flavor. The presentation prepares the body for the delectable journey ahead. For the host and hostess of a holiday dinner party, presentation begins before the food ever hits the table. It starts with the mood and ambiance created by the table setting.

As the holiday season approaches, take the time to plan your approach for the upcoming holiday meals. The right table linens, dishes, centerpieces, illumination, etc. will help to create a dinner to remember. Here are ideas for setting the mood and creating an artistic environment for your holiday meals and get togethers.

Choose your table linens. You may already have heirloom linens that have been used for more Thanksgivings than you can count. If not, search for high-quality linens that you will be able to use again and again, and even pass down to your children or grandchildren. If you have a table that can handle direct contact with dishware, a table runner can stand alone to dress the table, while retaining a rustic look. If you prefer to protect your table, or to create a more formal aesthetic, a classic white table cloth is never out of style. You can use ribbon to indicate place settings, or layer it with a decorative runner to add color.

Add a center piece. The center piece is often the highlight of your table decoration. In the fall, it is easy to create an attractive centerpiece using mini pumpkins, gourds, apples, and other fall harvest items. If you have a long table, you will want to create either a main centerpiece with echoing accents on either end, or you can design three or four equally sized centerpieces so that every guest has a view.

Use creative place settings. Place settings are a helpful tool; in addition to ensuring guests are placed next to people they like, share interests with, etc., they are also a way to add decoration to the table. You can use something as simple as traditional place cards and holders or a homemadeplace card tied around the napkin with a bit of greenery. You can also use aholiday ornament to prop up the place card, and guests will have a memento from your lovely evening.

The table settings. In our everyday lives, we get away with just the basics: a plate, cup, and fork-knife-spoon. The holidays are a time to really enjoy the beauty of formal place settings, as well as their function, as you enjoy multi-course meals. Says etiquette consultant Pamela Hillings, “Once you realize table setting is based on logic, things become less intimidating.” You can use this formal table setting chart from marthastewart.com to help guide you. If you don’t have formal china, keep an eye out at thrift stores and flea markets. You can use mismatched pieces to set a lovely table.

The lighting. Last, but certainly not least, is your lighting – it can make or break your mood. A beautifully set table and harsh, florescent lighting are not a good match. Nor is it wise to have such a low-lit meal that guests can’t see each other or the delicious food they’re eating. Ideally, your dining room light will have a dimmer switch, allowing you to control the brightness. Otherwise, use lamps or lighting from surrounding rooms and then fill in the difference with real candle light or faux-tea lights.

Together, your linens, centerpieces, table settings, and lighting will create a beautiful mood and a dinner that will leave your guests wanting more.

How to Make Your Home Exude Autumn

If you asked most interior decorators what their favorite season is, I’d bet the majority would instantly respond, “Autumn!” This is because we decorators are in love with color and there is no season more rich in color than Autumn; the lustrous golds, chocolate browns, deep reds and burnt oranges are perfect for creating a warm and inviting living space.

If you are ready to welcome in the new season, we have tips for making your home exude the very essence of Autumn’s glory. Whether you love to entertain, or enjoy sitting by the fireside, tucked away from the evening’s chill, we hope these photos and ideas will inspire you.

Harness Nature’s Bounty. Visit your local Farmer’s Market and bring nature’s bounty into your home. Potted Chrysanthemums, Mums, and Zinnias can be placed around your patio, dining room, and end tables. If you have children, take them to a pumpkin patch where they can select their own pumpkins for decorating (more on that later). Many farmers often have summer squash they have let turn into gourds, which you can hand select fordining room centerpieces.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere. So often we envision pumpkins in their natural form, or carved for Halloween. However, you can use pumpkins in wreathspiled up in vases, or serving as a visual reminder of the Pumpkin Pie that is yet to come.

Autumnal Accents. If you are a serial decorator, painting an accent wall isn’t too much to ask. In that case, we recommend painting a wall in your living room or dining room a nice, autumnal orange or gold. If those are too bright for your taste, you might prefer a chocolate brown. A fall colored accent wall will be a perfect backdrop for the rest of your autumn-themed decor.

If painting a wall is too extreme, consider slipcovers and accent rugs that can be brought out for the season and then put away again when you are ready for something different.

Harvest Corn. Next to pumpkins and squashes, corn has long been a staple of the autumn harvest. There are a variety of ways you can use dried ears of corn to decorate your home. Using raffia, florist wire, and a few dozen dried ears of corn, you can create a beautiful garland for your front porch or to frame your dining room entry. Tie groupings of colorful corntogether to hang from cabinetry or your door knocker. You can fill clear jars with colorful corn kernels and set them on shelves or as part of a centerpiece.

Floral Arrangements. There is a floral arrangement for every season, and autumn is no exception. Take long walks with your family and collect colorful leaves from maples and other trees that are starting to change colors and drop their leaves. Or, you can order colorful leaves from your florist. A small metal tub can house leaves, dried grasses, and other seasonal foliage and flora.

Decorate Your Pumpkins. Everyone knows how to carve a pumpkin, but there are numerous other methods for seasonal pumpkin decoration. For example, there are plenty of no-carve pumpkin ideas, and they only require some paint and a little imagination. Some of them are downright Boo-tiful(sorry, we couldn’t resist!). Even wrapping your pumpkins in a sheer fabric or lace is a elegant way to dress them up.

What are your favorite tips and suggestions for welcoming autumn? Please let us know. We would love to hear them.