8 Ways to Create the Perfect Office

8-ways-to-create-the-perfect-officeChanges in technology and the ways in which business people interact have actually had an impact on the interior design of most office spaces.

Everything these days is wireless and paperless, which means that sumptuous closets and luxuriously deep drawers are increasingly a thing of the past and that there’s far less desk space required for wired clutter like cable routers and gargantuan printers.

These changes in interior design have left many designers with an artistic carte blanch and open door for experimentation. This opens up possibilities like creating glass side walls that increase transparency to ceiling lights that dim towards the evening to curb energy costs.

Consider Rounded Pieces 

It’s been shown that rounded furniture – rather than desks and couches with sharp angles – has been tied to fewer negative emotions. Workers and clients have a positive psychological response to rounded furniture, and a happier workplace is more conducive to higher productivity and creativity in the long haul.

Install Indoor Plants 

Office plants and flower arrangements have been shown to help workers de-stress and recover from high work volumes. By installing a plant in the office, you’re cutting down on indoor air pollution at the same time as you’re making workers feel more at home.

Glassy is Classy 

Installing glass walls and partitions is an excellent way to lend an upscale flavor to any office environment. Glass sliding doors are ideal for conferences and go well in rooms placed in the center of large spaces.

Consider Color Carefully 

Brighter lights have been tied into more mental clarity and the ability to brainstorm many ideas on the spot. On the other hand, dimmer lights give employees the sense of freedom and possibility.

Raising the Glass Ceiling 

Employees, understandably, also gain a sense of freedom when placed in an office environment that has higher ceilings.

In lieu of making costly renovations or transitioning to an office space with sky-high ceilings, simply installing ceiling lights can bring more flavor to the office and allow managers to dim the lighting remotely and reap energy savings.

A Room with a View 

Many executives are torn between wanting to keep an eye on their employees and wanting a corner office that provides a view of the surrounding vistas.

Coupling sliding glass doors with a glass wall that opens up to the surrounding environment – which in Silicon Valley isn’t too shabby looking! – is a great way to lend openness and a touch of class to any office space.

Add a Corporate Break Room 

A break room can be more economical than you might at first think, and break rooms are relatively easy to keep going. Choose a centrally-located office space with enough interior space to accommodate large work groups and stock the shelves with teas, coffees, mugs, energy bars and other essentials.

Allow Employees the Option 

Studies have shown that when employees are given the choice over interior design decisions in the office workplace productivity increases by over 30 percent.

Employees who were given their choice of wall color and wall decor, for instance, showed a higher identification with their employers and more commitment to corporate teamwork.