Creating A Fabulously Pet-Friendly Home

creating-a-fabulously-pet-friendly-homeGetting a new pet can be an exciting experience, but you should realize that taking care of them calls for a lot of effort from your part. Pets are playful and inquisitive, and your support and attention are essential to them. Making your house pet-friendly will make your furry friend feel welcome. Here are some tips to help you transform your home into a spectacularly pet-friendly environment:

1. Keep Houseplants On High Shelves

Pets, especially the young ones, tend to nibble and chew on anything that comes their way. Since houseplants like tulips, orange day lilies, and caladium are toxic for pets, it’s imperative that you keep no houseplants on the ground surface level. By placing your houseplants on a raised shelf, you’ll not only ensure your pet’s safety, but you’ll safeguard the plant from destruction as well.

2. Vacuum On A Regular Basis

Besides having a characteristic odor, pet hair also contains oil that attracts dirt to the fabric on which the pet sits. Therefore, you’re advised to vacuum your pet’s hair off the furniture and other surfaces at least twice a week. Consider vacuuming daily when the pet is shedding.

3. Install Child Locks

A pet is like a 2-3 old child who always needs your guidance and protection. In fact, an impulsive and active new pet needs the same safety measures that you would offer your new-born baby. With child locks on drawers, and cabinets in the kitchen, as well as other important places, all your possessions will be safe and your pets will remain happy.

4. Bathe and Groom Your Pet Often

By keeping your pet clean, you’ll ensure that your house stays cleaner, longer. Trimmed cat or dog nails won’t scratch upholstery or floors. Likewise, regular bathing and brushing eliminate loose hair before it lands on your floor, bed curtains, throw pillow pillows, and other surfaces frequented by the animal. Given the fact that rugs and furniture last longer if they are not washed as often, it is more prudent to clean your pet than your upholstery, and it is normally more fun.

5. Initiate Safe Electric Wiring

When you have a pet at home, open electric cables are an extremely hazardous thing to have around. Considering the fact that the pet will not realize that the wire is unsafe, it might try to touch it. As such, it is your duty to ensure that there are no open wires lying carelessly around the house. Also, be sure that electrical wiring within the general area is not only secure, but also out of sight.

6. Put Washable Fabrics On Your Bed

There are bound to be accidents if your pet sleeps with you. For instance, cats cough up hairballs. As such, consider covering your mattress with a thick pad to protect it from the inevitable. Likewise, use cotton bed-sheets, preferably in a pattern or medium color that conceals the animal hair and stains between washing. Use duvet covers for your bedspreads, since you can take them off and wash them on a regular basis. Delicate-looking matelassé coverlets are remarkably durable. Their tight quilting can resist pet toenail snags and frequent washing.

Making sure that your home is pet-friendly is among the most significant things you can do to guarantee you pet a safe and comfortable environment. The above tips will come in handy when you’re looking to transform your home into a fabulously pet-friendly environment that will ensure the comfort and happiness of your furry friend.