Bringing the Outdoors In

bringing-the-outdoors-inHumans have an innate connection with Mother Nature. At this time of year, when weather prevents us from getting outside as much as we might like, we can begin to fee like something is missing. Before you let the winter doldrums overtake you, consider the ways you can enhance your interior design using inspiration from nature. From wall paper and printed textiles, to floral arrangements and art work, there are a variety of creative ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors right into your living space.

Natural light. There are countless studies proving natural light is better for humans than artificial light sources. We are happier, more productive, and our interior spaces feel more clean, open, and attractive with a hefty dose of natural lighting. Make sure your home has ample windows. Consider using solar tubes or skylights in interior spaces so your home infused with natural light during the daylight hours.

House plants. One of the best methods for bringing the outdoors into your home is by doing it literally. Use house plants in every room you can. They are a wonderful way to fill an empty corner, or add visual interest to a blank space. Some of the most common house plants, such as Golden Pothos, Spider Plants, and Aloe Vera will also help to purify your indoor air, removing noxious chemicals like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene. You can also use terrariums to create a mini-ecosystem in every room of your home.

Florals. When we say, “florals” don’t think of your grandma’s old wall paper patterns. We’re talking big, bold, and even funky. You can add dramatic splashes of color and pattern using floral wall paper or window treatments. If you prefer your flowers in smaller doses, look for pillow covers or a single piece of furniture that can add just the right amount of color and floral beauty without overpowering your space.

Maximize your view. If you have a large picture window, make the most of it. Landscape the space outside using plants and flowers that will provide visual interest year-round. Then, orient your furniture in a way that draws the eye so you always feel connected to the world outside. If you already have a home with amazing views, you can optimize window trim, and your interior decor, to play off the existing view outside.

Furniture and furnishings. As home builders and designers meet growing demands for eco-friendly homes, nature inspired furniture and furnishings abound. You can find amazing coffee tables made from tree stumps and roots. There are rugs that mimic the look of a mossy forest floor. You can even translate your favorite nature photo into a larger-than-life mural. For a more subtle approach, look for furnishings and textiles made from more subtle natural materials, such as reeds, grasses, and hemp.

Vases of flowers. Of course, the most traditional and simplest way to add a touch of nature to the interior of your home is to use seasonal floral arrangements. Large arrangements can adorn an entryway table or serve as your dining room centerpiece. Smaller arrangements of flowers can be added to side tables and bed stands. You can even use beautiful branchesas the focal point of a mantle or as a sculpture of sorts.