8 Bathroom Organization Tips


The bathroom is a room you use every day, and it is a room you should keep neat and organized. The idea is to find your bathroom essentials with plenty of time to get ready for the day.

Use the following tips to make the most of your space and organize your bathroom essentials:

  • Take Control of The Clutter: The first step to organizing your bathroom is to take control of the clutter in your medicine cabinet, the space under the sink and drawers. You are going to pull out your inventory and get rid of anything that is expired or broken. Now, place the items you do not need to use right now in a bin, and keep the bin inside a closet until you need to pull them out.
  • Invest in Drawer Dividers: Drawer dividers are great for organizing your small toiletries, cosmetics, hair accessories and grooming tools. The dividers feature several compartments for organizing your essentials by size or group. You can find drawer dividers in most container, home and superstores.
  • Organize Your Makeup: If you have more than one drawer in your bathroom, designate a drawer to your cosmetics. You can use a drawer divider to organize the cosmetics, brushes and makeup remover. Another idea is to hang a metal strip on the wall for any cosmetics that come in metal containers.
  • Use Apothecary Jars: There is nothing wrong with wanting to add style to your bathroom, and glass apothecary jars can help you achieve that look. Use the jars to organize cotton swabs, cotton balls, soap and bath salts. You can line them up on your shelf, windowsill or vanity.
  • Invest in a Shower Caddy: You have already gone through your belongings and removed anything you are not using right now. You still need to organize the toiletries you are keeping in the bathroom. A shower caddy is great for organizing your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and other essentials. The styles range from a corner caddy to a caddy that hangs from the shower head.
  • Use The Door: Have you ever thought of using the door as a storage solution? You need a place to hang your towels, robes and the sweater you are going to grab on your way out. You can use self-adhesive hooks or an over the door hanger with hooks to create a spot for these items.
  • Repurposed Towel Rack: Do you have an old wooden wine rack sitting around the house collecting dust? Dust it off and place it in the bathroom as a spot for your rolled up towels. You can use it for the family towels or place it in the guest bathroom.
  • Figure Out What To Hide and Leave Out: Items such as personal care products, skin-care products and medication can be hidden inside a closed cabinet or solid container with a lid. You may be tempted to hide the toilet paper, but this is actually an item you should leave out in plain sight. It allows you to keep track of your inventory, and it is convenient to the guests who may not want to bother you for another roll of toilet paper. One idea is to store the rolls inside a woven or wicker basket, and keep the basket where anyone can find it.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your eye shadow or hair brush, and then not having enough time to get ready when you do find it. This is why it is important to clear out the clutter, find the right storage solutions and organize your bathroom.

What to Expect When Hiring a Contractor to Renovate Your Master Bathroom


Whether you have a clear vision for your master bath project or you’re looking for suggestions, one thing you want to be sure you understand fully is the role your contractor plays in the process. Today, we’re going to lay out a few of the key points you need to consider when hiring a contractor to remodel your master bathroom so that you have peace of mind in your decision.

Choosing a contractor

You have to find a contractor you can work with, this is about more than picking someone who has their insurance up to date and has good reviews on the internet, it’s about finding a crafts person whose work you admire, and whose personality you enjoy. It is worth emphasizing the importance of getting to know your potential contractors through the bidding process so you have an idea what they are like to work with on a daily basis. Remodeling takes time, and this person will be in your household often, so choose wisely.

Know your vision

The most important thing you can do to guarantee a successful bathroom remodel is be sure you specify as many details as possible. There are bound to be issues that crop up as your project progresses, and having outlined your vision for the project from the start – from those his and hers hammered copper sinks to the seamless countertop and backsplash and the color you want on the walls and where the hook for your robe should be sited – will save time and arguments in the long run. Specify materials, make clear what is to be done with waste and who is responsible for cleaning up any debris.

Manage your expectations

Obviously, when investing in a new master bathroom, you have certain expectations about the quality of the job as well as the ultimate result. There are other aspects of remodeling work that can be unpredictable and your ability to be flexible and adapt to changes or obstacles can make the difference between you resenting the project forevermore and truly reaping the rewards of investing the time and funds to have your custom master bathroom built. So, be aware that in most projects, there are likely to be:

  • Material issues: all materials for the project should be on your site from the beginning of work on your home; while this isn’t always possible where custom items are concerned, having materials on site serves as a bit of insurance for you on the off chance that your contractor is unable to complete the job.
  • Timeline problems: whether because suppliers let the contractor down, or because there are unforeseen complications in your demolition, or something else goes awry, there are bound to be delays in your project.
  • Messes: you are going to rip out a bathroom and install a new one, so there is going to be dust, there will be bad smells, and there will be a lot of noise. Be prepared for it, and know that a good contractor will do their best to minimize the inconvenience.
  • Inconvenience: because you can’t use your master bath while it is being worked on, you need to plan accordingly. This might mean taking showers less often, bathing in another room in your home. If you feel strongly about minimizing downtime in your personal space, work with your contractor to schedule different phases of the project with that in mind.

While this isn’t a complete list by any means, we hope that this information gives you a kick start for your master bathroom renovation project.

Make Your Child’s Bathroom Fun


Decorating for children is fun. They love almost anything you do, and you get to change the design again and again to suit them as they grow older. These ten ways to make your bathroom more fun for your kids are sure to bring a smile to your face, too.

1. Bright colors

Bright colors are cheerful and kid-friendly. You can go big with color by painting entire walls or choose one colorful wall design, like your child’s favorite animal. Accent colors can be incorporated, too. A purple sink, a bright red shower curtain, or green and yellow towels and rugs make the perfect, fun accent pieces.

2. Bold patterns

Kids enjoy bold patterns but be careful not to add too much to a small space, you can make the room too busy. Try a bold patterned shower curtain, a rug, and a fun mirror.

3. Make some kid-friendly upgrades

For a few dollars you can incorporate some fun design elements that the kids will love. Replace the knobs on cabinets with bright blue stars, or paint them their own stand alone towel rack. A tub faucet cover can be fun and functional, and a a kid’s size handheld shower is great for rinsing off bubbles..

4. Let the kids help put up decals

Kids love decals and can help with this inexpensive and fun project. Select theme decals like an underwater adventure. Choose from fish, dolphins, whales or turtles.

5. Personalize the space

To make it truly their own, try adding in personalized touches that will kids giggle. Create personalized towels; have the kids paint a clear shower curtain to produce their own design; or let the kids design and repaint the garbage cans or their own cabinets.

6. Hang art just for kids

When it’s not a kids-only bathroom, hang art that kids and adults will love. Look for pieces in an ocean theme, like brightly colored underwear creatures. Or find some fun frames and put up a collection of silly family photos.

7. Kids-only accessories

You can find a lot of accessories that are smart and fun that only the kids need use. Like peg boards. Peg boards are great for storage. Kids can hang towel and bathrobes on large ones; use smaller ones for toothbrushes.

8. Kids DIY design

Kids love to do things for themselves. Add a sensor so lights go on when they enter, off when they leave. Or lower the light switches so little hands can reach.

You can also replace your old faucet with sensory faucets that stream water at a safe temperature and hands-free soap dispensers in cool colors next to the sink. A cute, colorful and sturdy stool can do the job also. Buy two and keep one near the lights, the other by the sink.

9. Kids DIY remodel 

If you want to take on a larger project, remodel some parts of the bathroom so that kids can do things for themselves. Put in colorful sinks at their height, a toilet with a colorful, soft-closing seat to protect little fingers and a smaller bowl, and a child-sized tub and shower.

10. Big themes

If your child or children absolutely love one thing, why not create a theme around it for the bathroom? All you need is some imagination and accessories. Start with decals, a few rugs, a shower curtain and towels, and build from there.

These 10 ideas will cheer up your bathroom and make it more fun for your kids. Whatever design you choose, don’t forget to ask the kids what they like.

Picture Perfect Powder Room

Your powder room may not be used often, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to decorate it. When it comes to decorating a powder room, you don’t have to spend a great deal of money. Here are eight things you can do to make yours more attractive without breaking the bank in the process.

1. Create a backsplash or accent wall using old pallets.

Remove the planks from your pallets, and then go over them with a sander to make them smooth. Clean them with mineral spirits and then stain the planks any color you would like. Cover an entire wall or the area just above your sink with them to create a rustic look.

2. Make good use of baskets

Baskets can be placed on top of the toilet tank, underneath the sink, or in a corner of the room. You can also hang them on the wall and placed rolled towels inside them. For visual interest, use a combination of wire, wicker and wooden baskets.

3. Stencil the walls using metallic paint

Use stencils you purchase from a craft store to create a scroll pattern, polka dots or squares on a dark colored wall using metallic paint. This provides a dazzling effect next to soft lighting or candles.

4. Use repurposed furniture to make a vanity

You don’t have to purchase a bathroom cabinet, when you can easily drop a porcelain sink into the top of an old dresser, desk or table instead. You could easily use an existing piece of furniture or even repurpose something someone else has discarded.

5. Install a pullout pantry

Pullout pantries that slide into position are not just useful in the kitchen, as they also provide some much-needed storage space in your powder room.  Place it between your sink and the wall, and use the shelves to hold extra bottles of shampoo, guest towels or toilet paper.

6. Hang unique shelves

Hanging some unique shelves will provide you with additional storage space, while also giving your bathroom a unique look. Some of the things you can use to create shelves with include old shutters, window boxes, dresser drawers or small, hard-shell suitcases.

7. Use glass jars for storage

Glass jars placed on a shelf provide an open, airy look, and go well with any décor. They are ideal for storing cotton balls and swabs, but could even be used to hold loofahs, travel-sized toiletries, flowers or seashells.

8. Create a makeshift window

Your powder room will automatically feel bigger if it contains a window. If yours doesn’t have one, hang a vintage frame on the wall and add some sheer, tied-back panels to it. You could also hang a mirror inside a window frame, or stencil a window on your wall and add a shelf below it to give the appearance of a windowsill.

These eight simple ideas can transform your powder room into something you’ll be proud to show off to others. Best of all, incorporating these ideas will cost little or no money, which is something you will really appreciate if you are on a budget.

Making Space in the Bathroom

making-space-in-the-bathroomAre you tired of looking at your bathroom and seeing all the clutter of health and beauty products? With these six tips, you can create more storage in your bathroom and keep your space organized.

1. Free-Standing Storage

A free-standing storage unit can also be a great option. Available in any design you can imagine, this type of shelving can look aesthetically pleasing while it stores your things. For even more storage, you can get decorative boxes or baskets and keep your items hidden in them on the unit.

2. Install a Wall Cabinet

If your bathroom is short on floor space, there is a simple solution. Simply create more space with a wall cabinet. Because they do not take up any space on the floor and only hang from the wall, wall cabinets can give you a great deal more space for your products without limiting the size of your bathroom. Both installation and removal of a wall cabinet is an easy job and can be done without outside assistance.

3. Counter Space

Some bathrooms have no cabinets under the sink area. This problem can be fixed with the placement of fabric around the vanity. You can use adhesive velcro strips to attach the fabric of your choice to the sink vanity. When this privacy curtain is in place, you can keep your clutter in boxes behind the curtain and hidden from view.

4. In Plain Sight

Not all of your storage space needs to be hidden behind shelves, cabinets, or curtains. Wicker baskets are great for storage, and have the added benefit of being visually appealing. Or you could use decorative boxes in various sizes and stack them for even more storage.

5. Wall Shelving

Wall shelves take up even less space than wall cabinets, but still provide you with the same amount of storage. You can create your own by buying short crates and painting them any color of your choice. After they dry, they can be hung from the wall by adhesive hanging strips. Hang them in a way that looks pleasing, and you have created artwork that serves as storage.

If you are feeling less creative or constructive, you can buy small shelving units and place them along the walls. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs.

6. Linen Closet

Not everything needs to be stored in your bathroom. If you have a linen closet or even a closet in your bedroom, you can use this space to store extra towels and things you don’t use on a daily basis. Bath towels can take up a great deal of room, and storing them here can give you space for much more. There is no need to clutter your bathroom with things that you don’t use regularly.

With these tips, you can create enough storage to keep your things organized and hidden. All it takes is a few changes, and you will have a bathroom that you are proud to showcase.