Bring Spring In

bring-spring-inSpring is officially here. The winter is gone, and the snow is finally melted, so it’s time to open those windows and get the spring time flowing through your home. While cracking those windows and airing out the space is a good place to start, there are several unique ways to bring the sights, sounds, and smells of the spring inside.

1. Bring in Plants and Fresh Cut Flowers

Plants and fresh cut flowers can take a room from drab to fab in just a few short seconds. It is, perhaps, one of the easiest ways to bring the outside in and enjoy the vibrant nature of spring while sitting on your couch. Opt for brightly colored flowers in a variety of different vases. This will brighten up your space and make everything feel fresh and exciting.

You can add seedlings to the mix by setting up a seed tray on your windowsill. In the early spring, you can enjoy watching your seedlings sprout before transferring them outside. Herbs can be kept on a windowsill throughout their grow cycle, and they will add a fragrant aroma to your home that makes your mind think of spring.

2. Use fruit as a Decor Item

A pretty bowl of oranges, lemons, and limes can dress up a dreary dining room or kitchen table with ease. The brightly colored fruits are gorgeous to look at, and it makes crafting springtime cuisine super easy and convenient, too. Experts suggest using a natural looking bowl to really make the color of the citrus fruits pop.

3. Swap out Linens and Accent Colors

In your bedroom, get rid of those heavy winter covers in favor of bright, light and airy looking linens. You can also swap out hand towels, bath towels, and kitchen towels with pastel options to bring a hint of the season into every room.

You can change the entire look of your living room by switching out your throw pillows for something with a bit more color. Experts suggest using yellow, light blue and oranges to evoke a feeling of the warm, spring weather.

4.  Bring out the Spring Smells

To get your home smelling like spring, consider using essential oils that evoke a feeling of the warm weather. Blood orange and lemongrass are two diffuser oils that will make your home smell fresh and sweet during the day and night. If essential oils aren’t your thing, opt for lightly scented candles that offer citrus notes, or cleaner scents. Fresh linen, cotton, and lemon all evoke feelings of warm weather and can make your home smell amazing.

5. Pack up your Winter Clothing

No one wants to open their closet and be reminded of the cold winter months. Swap out your winter sweaters, boots, and coats, for your warm weather options, like sundresses, tank tops, and flip-flops. The change in your closet will help set the right mood as you get ready for the day ahead of you.

Bringing the spring indoors is a great way to enjoy the warm weather, and gear up for a summer of fun. The sooner you get started on redecorating for the warm weather, the sooner you can enjoy the festive feel of spring inside your own home.

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