8 Items For Creating The Perfect “Man Cave”


While television rooms, family rooms, and living rooms are a fine choice for hanging out with the family, any man living with a wife and kids has longed for a room to call all their own. The term “man cave” was dubbed for just this type of space. Once upon a time the “man cave” was carved out in the garage, or a shed, but more recently men have been taking over sections of their home and claiming them for all their own. If you’ve been considering carving out a man cave inside the confines of your suburban starter home, we have a few tips for you, and a few “must have items” that every man cave simply has to have.

Seating.  No man cave would be complete without the utmost in comfortable seating arrangements. Whether you go with theater-style seating or just one big couch, you’ll want to pick seating that works best for your space. Leather is a good option, but micro-suede can work too, in terms of fabrics. Aim for something masculine but comfortable to jump start your decor.

Memorabilia.  Pick a theme and run with it. Your theme will largely depend on what you have planned for your special space. If Sunday football in the cave will be a tradition, line the walls with sports memorabilia. If you are planning horror movie marathons, you can’t go wrong with vintage movie posters

TV.  The television is the center of most man caves, and you’ll want a good one to ensure your space is enjoyable and exciting. Pick a television that fits best into your budget and the space you have to work with. A 70-inch flat panel or projection setup is a good option for a big room, but if the room is small you’ll want to scale down to a smaller TV. In most cases a 50-inch will do well in smaller spaces.

Bar.  A small bar is a great addition to any man cave, just make sure it has a fridge. You don’t want to have to climb up the basement steps, or down from the attic to grab a cold beer or something to snack on. Keeping your food items in the room will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Dart Board.  You’ll need something to do during commercial breaks, so why not bust out the darts? A dart board is a great game for even small man caves. Pick a dart board with a nice wooden finish for a bit of extra class.

Poker Table.  Another game reserved for the manliest of men, poker is a time honored tradition, and adding a poker table to your man cave will instantly take it from a simple den to testosterone-central. Poker tables can be found in a variety of sizes and price points.

Personal Mementos.  It isn’t enough to simply call the room “yours”, you’ll want to claim ownership of it to all who dare enter. Claim ownership of your man cave by displaying some of your personal achievements. Hang your 5K ribbons, fishing triumphs, or place your golfing trophies around the room to really put your mark on it.

Sound System.  Whether you plan on playing Call of Duty, watching your favorite sports team, or simply jamming out to your favorite tunes, you should be listening to the action through a sound system. Sound systems up the ante on your man cave instantly, and can be purchased for relatively cheap.